Me: the goofy bastard you all know and love

I am a fool, a loveable one, but a fool none-the-less!  I don’t know how I do it, but I am always doing ridiculous things, getting myself in foolish situations and doing clumsy funny things. Funny in my mind at least!

I am down at a beach resort, I am only here as my husband has a four-day work conference.

Allow me to indulge you in a brief run down of events:

Evening one: meet a few of his colleagues – as I am bending down to take photos I become aware, that most of my ass is hanging out of my shorts.

Morning One: more colleagues arrive in time for breakfast. What does Lou do during breakfast……

– drop an egg on the floor

– splash baked beans all over the place

– drop the bay mare lid so hard the sound resonates nicely over the nearby pool

– get such a fright from this, I knock over a couple of signs

– return sheepishly to my table

– apologise to my husband

– pour a glass of water – from the wrong “reserved” section

– return to table apologise again to husband

This is me, this is what I do! This is the me I have accepted!

Embrace who you are –  embrace the goofy bastard inside you, if that is who you are.

Learn to laugh at yourself; I know I certainly do!

1 Response to Me: the goofy bastard you all know and love

  1. Bec says:

    Oh Lou, there are so many other stories you could share about your clumsy-ness! Please share some more!

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