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Listen to your body

Look after your body, and your body will look after you. Listen to your body,when it is screaming out at you with tiredness and fatigue, and rest it. Keep your body healthy, and your body will help you to keep … Continue reading

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Promise to yourself

I don’t pretend to have all the answers; but I know what I feel. I know so many people who are like me: who struggle to find time out for themselves, who struggle to stop the racing mind when they … Continue reading

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Mini fix for those less than perfect office days

Today I had a crappy day at work, actually yesterday I did as well.  This story is not to whine (as much as I would like to).  This story is to talk about ways to deal with those less than … Continue reading

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Connecting the giant puzzle of life

In a universe so large, everyone wants to feel connected. We all want to feel loved and understood; to feel a sense of belonging. With so many people crossing our paths during our lives, discovering honest connections are a rare treat. Finding people … Continue reading

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Old friends (the one’s you have had for a while – not who are 89 years old)

I know my last post was about friendship too, however this week my life has been brimming with friendship and my heart is overflowing! Why, out of all the new jeans that you buy you always come back to your … Continue reading

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Today I had a good friend come over for coffee. Spending time with good friends like her, makes me feel so appreciative for good friends. If you are anything like me, you are always busy and struggling to find the … Continue reading

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Today I am grateful for my house

Today is a public holiday, aside from going to the gym, I have spent the day in my house, trying to set up this blog and listening to music.  As part of this new blog, I will be updating one … Continue reading

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