Find your exercise routine

As a group fitness instructor, a question I am frequently asked is what is the best routine for me? How long should I spend doing this and that? What is the correct balance?

The answer is simply up to you, not very helpful I am aware.  The issue is this, we are all different.  Our bodies are different sizes, different weights and our fitness levels are different.

What works for me, may not for you!  I have only discovered what works for me through trial and error. I am fortunate I have friends to help me out, who push me and motivate me harder, but I am also realistic about these friends, these friends who are taller and stronger than I am.  I am an idiot to push myself too hard when my body will not sustain it. I do what I can with them, I push myself but in a realistic way – I don’t do things I know will injure my body – I can’t afford to when I teach 5 classes a week.

I know what works for me, I have spent the time getting to know my body, trying different combinations of exercise until now at 36 years old I feel I have the body I am really happy and proud of, a fit healthy body.

Try different forms of exercise, try a wide range and keep a diary of how you are progressing.  The same goes for food, keep a diary to monitor your progress, set yourself realistic goals as I have mentioned before.

The rewards will follow, if you follow the regime that works for you.  You will always read many different, conflicting reports and while these may work for many people they may not work for you.

Don’t get so confused and feel so overwhelmed that it is easier to give up. It’s not .  The best results in life, are the ones you have really worked hard for.

You are capable of so much more than you realise.

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