The Power of the Breath

Have you ever stopped and taken the time to know your breath?  I mean really listened to it, felt it, and understood it!

 Our breath is a powerful tool, and taking the time to become intimate with your breath can help you throughout so many events in your life.

 Learning how to breathe deeply and evenly has helped me to push myself harder in the gym, to lift more weights, to sustain my energy longer and energize my body. Calming and slowing my breath has helped me tremendously in times of stress, angst and pain.

 Discovering how to isolate my breath (admittedly a skill, not achieved quickly) has taught me that I can focus my breath to a single point – take for example my shoulder, and I can use my breath to help alleviate the pain and tension in my body.

 We all underestimate the power of our breath, just like we underestimate the power of our mind. 

 Teaching body balance (a group fitness class combining Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates) has helped me to expand my breathing to depths I never dreamt were possible.

 Next time you try a stretch or a new workout, find your limit, the place where you feel you can not push yourself any further.  Then flood your lungs with breath, as you slowly exhale, try deepening the stretch and see how much further you can go.

 Connecting with your breath opens up doors you never thought were possible.

 Finding that magic connection of mind, body and breath is exhilarating, and for me as an instructor, witnessing an entire class master this in unison, is literally breathtaking.

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