Negative people; the world is full of them!  The same can be said for positive people, yes there are many of them in the world.  Yet for every positive person you encounter in your day, if one negative person crosses your path, that is the person you go home and talk and think about.

For every positive word that people may say to you, why is it that the uplifted way you feel is completely obliterated with one negative comment from someone you may not even know, care about or respect.

Negative thoughts and people are powerful, I don’t deny that! However they are powerful if you let them be. What I do present you with however is a challenge.  Challenge yourself to understand the power of your mind, the power of your positive thoughts and your belief in yourself to overcome and ignore these negative people, with their negative thoughts and comments.

You are better than that.  You can eradicate them with your own powerful thoughts.  Your mind has infinite potential – unlock it, appreciate it, and use it!

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