The Quiet Mind

Have you ever done a meditation class where they tell you to free your mind of everything?  To me that would immediately send my mind racing?

Free my mind?   Of Everything?  Are they serious?

Now I am thinking of things!  Has everyone else but me managed to free their minds?

Personally I am unable to entirely free my mind of all thoughts, however, I now have the ability to quiet it to a point of peaceful calm and surrender, and can quietly and gently acknowledge any thoughts that may drift in, but then softly park the thoughts to the side, allowing me to stay relaxed, centered and focussed.

Again, I do not pretend this skill came quickly and easily to me.  What I am saying is, if a person like me who is always thinking a million thoughts at once, at a million miles an hour can slow her mind then there is hope for all of you out there.

Meditation is a funny thing, a guilty pleasure we barely make the time for, and I am awar that meditation is definitely not for everyone. So often I see people making the time to exercise their bodies, yet they are too busy to spend the extra eight minutes or so to exercise and quiet their minds.

Learning to slow down and quiet the mind even for ten minutes a week, gives us extra energy and clarity to deal with the barrage of thoughts you know will strike again.  If meditation is not your thing then find an outlet that is right for you. A little piece of solitude to rest your tired mind.

Giving ourselves permission to selfishly indulge in ourselves, to switch off, to unwind and be still and just be, is a skill most of us are yet to master and enjoy.

Give yourself permission, ease your tired mind, take time for you.

You deserve it!

Now repeat this ten times until you start to believe it!

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