Human Endurance

Last night I watched a documentary called ‘Touching the void’  I missed the first half of the show, yet was instantly captivated with what I was watching. The story was about a man who was left to die in the mountains of the Andes.  Not only lost and alone for four days, this man had no food, no water, a broken leg and hypothermia.

As I said I was captivated right from the start, my brain was instantly racing in a million different directions.  It fascinates me to watch these things and as I marvel at the strength of the human mind, I find myself questioning my own mental strength, wondering what sort of person I would be if faced in a similar situation.

I am very strong-willed; yet would I remain so strong faced with such adverse conditions?

If your body is starved, dehydrated, your bones broken, your fingers falling off from frostbite, when all hope seems lost, ask yourself – would YOU have the strength to continue, to find your way out and keep going against all odds.

Stories like this are a haunting reality that allow you check of your own frame of mind, your strength of character and they make me really look deep inside to question the person I am and the power that my thoughts have over any situation I am faced with in life.

So I put the question to you: What sort of person are you? What sort of person would you be in a situation like this? Could you push yourself, could you push your mind through an injury if your survival depended on it?

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