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Unlock your potential

I noticed this on my room key at the mantra where I currently am. This few words have already inspired me to unlock my creativity for the next few days.

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Spend more time focussing on the things that make you happy.

I have recently joined and created a Pinterest account.  I log on to the site and see pages and pages of beautiful things, these pages make me happy.  While there are the bizarre things, the ugly and the things that I don’t connect to I … Continue reading

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Innocence of children

Children have an innocence that as adults we envy and crave. We marvel at their ability to speak their minds freely and express themselves with random and reckless abandon. As children we long to grow up and be adults, as adults we … Continue reading

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Feeling technologically stilted

Here I am, sitting on my couch trying to set up a range of things to open my social networking world.   This process has been frustrating to say the least, I would like to think I am fairly clever when it comes … Continue reading

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Choose Life

The last few days at work have been hectic to say the least; hectic days like these leave me feeling drained, depleted and generally exhausted.  Days, and weeks like these not only zap your energy, they leave you pushing the … Continue reading

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Seeing rainbows

When you are feeling really positive, and life is going well, magic surrounds you. You begin to find beauty in everything you see, rainbows appear on steps, colors appear more vivid, and life shimmers and glows before your eyes.

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Body Image

Body Image: a hard topic to discuss, an even more difficult topic to be brutally honest with yourself about. Why do we all have so many hang ups about ourselves?  Is it the media, the airbrushed magazine images of beauty that … Continue reading

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