The best is yet to come

Today on my business Facebook page I posted this.


I posted it as I do everyday, for the sole purpose of spreading a tiny bit of positivity into people’s lives.

Little did I know at the time, that my business, my life would take another massive positive leap forward.

Little did I know when I posted that picture, that the best was indeed yet to come.

Today my business blog hit a record (for me) of currently 2288 views and its still climbing.

That may not seem a big deal to those of you who have a huge following, and while these views have not yet transpired into followers, I am immensely proud.

This is my most views ever, and I honestly believe the best is still yet to come.

That’s the beauty and magic of the positive thinker, the believer in themselves , one day while it feels like it comes out of nowhere, doors open, opportunities flood in, and all that hard work pays off.

That faith and belief you had in yourself is suddenly founded.

So my friends if you think this is as good as it gets for yourself, then think again.

The best is yet to come 🙂

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Whatever happens always maintain your sense of self

Things are moving at a rapid pace, opportunities are knocking at my door, I open the door a little, I see what these opportunities are and I now have the luxury of opening the door wide open or closing it behind me.


With so many opportunities it can be hard for someone like me, the girl who’s head is spinning with a million ideas at once, the girl who wants to relax but craves to explore; it can be hard for a girl like me to maintain a true sense of self- find that perfect balance of professionalism, yet let the inner playful child be free.



At the end of the day, one thing I have learnt is that whoever you are, whatever you are trying to achieve, if you are not maintaining your true self, if you are not being authentic and allowing YOU to shine through, then anything that follows is pointless, meaningless and short lived.

Find a way to make YOUR life a success the way you want to.

Let yourself be free and share it with the world!

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Challenges for personal growth

This month I am entering competitions, I am taking challenges, and making positive choices.

I always endeavour to make positive choices, yet sometimes jealousy, insecurities and doubts creep in. When they do I choose a positive thought instead from the many positive thoughts I am lucky enough to choose from.

I am taking challenges not for recognition but for personal growth.

I am challenging myself and reaping the rewards of progress, however slow that progress may be.

I am in training both mind, body and spirit – the journey itself is the destination, the destination the journey…….



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Yoga has taught me patience yet my mind has not been relaxed

I have been a bit quiet of late, I have been super busy with classes, and setting up my first little fitness event.

Amidst the calm relaxed classes I teach, the excitement with setting up an event and the rewards that come when I learn and master a new yoga pose, I have felt like a hypocrite as my mind until today has been busy and full of nonsense.


Today, I slept in and had coffee and read a book in bed. I read a book and drank a homemade healthy smoothie by a pool, I cooked up some healthy meals and I made a huge decision to put a stop to the madness in my mind.


I lifted my heart to the sun and I thought about the reasons for my frustrations; friends I thought who would have been more supportive and helpful towards my business, friends who I hoped would have made a little more time for me.

It all comes down to expectations- I expect to receive back what I give to others and today I realized with such clarity I need to let go of these expectations in order to stop feeling so let down.

I need to change my pattern of thinking in order to calm and relax my soul and mind.

Realistically it probably won’t be easy, but it (like anything) can be done.

Yoga has taught me patience with my practice so it’s time to apply it to my thoughts.

Today I challenged my mind and my body and as I plunged into the refreshing pool I felt I had made progress.


It sounds so silly when you say these things out loud, but I am sure I am not the only one who feels let down from time to time.

In reality everyone is different, everyone shows support, friendship and love in different ways and maybe these people are showing it in ways I couldn’t see at the time.

So today I spent time thinking about that, focussing on the good not the bad.

I wiped my frazzled, frustrated thoughts clean and I replaced with happy kind beautiful ones instead.

Today was a really great day!

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Always be kind – the world needs more kindness

I believe the world always needs more kindness.

I believe we can always be kinder than we feel.

I believe a few kind words can drastically impact someone’s mood, day, or even life.

I believe we should all try to find some kind words to share with others, each and every week.

I believe there is enough hatred in the world already without us adding hateful words or actions to this world.

I believe we should always be kind – the world needs more of it!

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Lay back and reflect

Following on from my heart opening theme of the last post…..

When I lay back and reflect on my life, I can place my hand on my heart and feel proud of all the risks I have taken, the choices I have made as they have all come from my heart.

I don’t regret pushing my body hard, waking up early to see a beautiful sunrise, or going to bed late to make the most of spending time with loved ones.

I don’t regret any of the mistakes I have made along the way, as those mistakes have now become valuable lessons.

I look back and look forward in my life with love, with happiness, with the knowledge I am stronger than I have ever been both physically and mentally and I know I will become even stronger still.

As I lie back with my hand on my heart I feel everything, the good and the bad, the challenges and the triumphs. I lay back and I feel a peaceful contentment wash over my body and it feels great.


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Opening your heart

Last week in a relax yoga class, I focused the entire class on heart opening sequences.

My heart that day felt a little flat, so rather than feel sad I based the class on lifting my heart and the heart of others.


I found out later, that the positive feedback from that class was overwhelming, and I thought about a quote I had discovered recently….

“What comes from the heart, goes to the heart”.


Sometimes we all just need to open our hearts a little more, sometimes we need to be told that it’s ok to listen to the beat of your own heart, and follow the tunes it quietly sings to you.

Sometimes in order to allow more love into your life, you need to open your heart a little more to others, to the possibility of love.



Sometimes you need to open your heart a little more, and be open to everything that will flood in.

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