Feeling tired and irritable?

Are you finding you are tired and irritable more frequently than usual?

Have you taken out all the obvious variables such as:

If you are a mum – the screaming kids, sleepless nights, a milk bar that never shuts.

If you are a wife and your husband develops the deadly man flu symptoms (the worst of all the illnesses).

If you are a student with those never-ending assignments.

If you are exercising more often that you normally do.

Or if you are just an awesome sister like me dog sitting an “overactive” dog as you look at your ruined garden and find the dog with the bin lin on his head realises that perhaps everything clearly is not as under control as you lead your brother to believe.


It is easy to find a range of reasons for our tiredness and irritability, and they would all be right!

However did you know your diet can be a huge factor to the way you feel ?

Sounds like a no brainer, obviously if your diet only consists of junk and fast foods you will undoubtedly be sluggish and irritable as your body is not getting the nutrients it requires.

If you are exercising more than normal you need to fuel your body with protein and carbs.  If you are exercising to lose weight and only eating salads or shakes your body will not have a chance to recover, you will understandably be tired and irritable all the time.

There are a million different websites, diets, tips etc on what you should and shouldnt eat, what will help you to lose weight.

I believe however you need to be in tune with your own body and find what works for you.

Keeping a food diary is not always for everyone but understanding your body by really listening to it should be.

I have been exercising more in the last few months than I have done in my life – it has taken me a little while to work out which foods are great for this new life, it has taken me longer than it should have as I didn’t listen to my body.

I put my tiredness down to the extra exercise but failed to reason the food was a major factor.

If you are exercising a lot don’t be afraid to eat more – your body needs it!

By fuelling your body correctly your muscles can recover faster, allowing you to exercise more frequently.

So if you are feeling tired and irritable take out all the obvious reasons then look at your diet – play around with it until you find what works for you.

Then enjoy a fitter, healthier and happier you.


About Lou Schwarz

I am a traveller at heart.I dream about travel- of exploring the world and meeting new people. When I am not dreaming or travelling; I work in communications and media and I also teach body balance group fitness classes. I live my life trying to motivate and inspire people through fitness, doing one thing a week that scares me, and unleashing my creativity as frequently as I can. When I am not getting my zen on through teaching I am constantly attract ridiculous things and people into my life and I wouldn't have it any other way. I hope you enjoy my two blogs -or at least one of them :)
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