5 simple words to brighten someone’s day

The last few weeks I have been overwhelmed with beautiful heartfelt texts, calls, Facebook messages and offers to help me out during a hectic time of my life.

Words have such a momentous impact on me and I can only hope my fumbled attempts to express my gratitude to the many beautiful people in my life thinking of me and sending their thoughts are being adequately expressed from the depths of my heart.

5 simple words: I am thinking of you – has meant more to me than so many other words and actions.


Before I sound too dramatic, you should be aware that the last few weeks of grief is not entirely my own. However I find myself surrounded by too many friends going through the worst time of their lives, and as their friend who cares deeply I have become somewhat of a listen lady and a care giver.


This is a job I would take on a thousand times over, caring for others makes me feel complete (albeit exhausted of late) yet the reason I write today is to remind you of the power your words have on others.

I write because for whatever reason my words are currently resonating with some of you, and this fills me with joy and once again is a reminder of the positive impact words can have on the people in your life.


Yesterday I received one of the best compliments I had ever heard: ” Looking at you makes me happy, you look like a holiday!”

You know what – it’s true, I feel fantastic and I feel this way as a direct result of the way the people in my life are making me feel through their caring words.

Just as I have never done so much caring as I have done of late, I have also never felt more cherished and cared for than I have lately.

I believe that no matter what is going on in your life, or how busy life is, we should always find the two seconds it takes to let people we know we care, to say hi I am thinking of you.


Caring for others allows is like a sugary sweet house of treats; it creates the foundation of your life that enables others to care and be kind to you in return.

A few simple kind caring words can literally change a person’s life.  Don’t ever underestimate the power of your words, or get so caught up in your own life that you forget to let people know they matter to you.

If the last few months have taught me anything it is that life is short and each moment is precious, each word should count, each loving thought should be shared.


About Lou Schwarz

I am a traveller at heart.I dream about travel- of exploring the world and meeting new people. When I am not dreaming or travelling; I work in communications and media and I also teach body balance group fitness classes. I live my life trying to motivate and inspire people through fitness, doing one thing a week that scares me, and unleashing my creativity as frequently as I can. When I am not getting my zen on through teaching I am constantly attract ridiculous things and people into my life and I wouldn't have it any other way. I hope you enjoy my two blogs -or at least one of them :)
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One Response to 5 simple words to brighten someone’s day

  1. Great post Lou. Another snapshot of happiness 🙂

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