Slowing the racing mind

Why is it that the things that cause you angst come to haunt you in the middle of the night? As you drift off to sleep the thoughts are entering your mind in rapid succession, and you lay awake stressed and annoyed you are unable to sleep.

During the relaxation section in my classes, I teach my participants to focus on their breath to help slow the mind.  By focussing on the breath, your mind is narrowed to one thought only the rise and fall of your stomach and chest as you breathe in and out.

If you still struggle to slow your mind, try to slow your  breathing down, and visualise a moment when you were deeply happy.  Visualise this thing place or person, and visualise the moment in detail; down to the smell, the taste, the colours, the sounds.

Visualising your happy moments with vivid recollection, aids in slowing your racing mind from stress, and can help you to fall asleep.


About Lou Schwarz

I am a traveller at heart.I dream about travel- of exploring the world and meeting new people. When I am not dreaming or travelling; I work in communications and media and I also teach body balance group fitness classes. I live my life trying to motivate and inspire people through fitness, doing one thing a week that scares me, and unleashing my creativity as frequently as I can. When I am not getting my zen on through teaching I am constantly attract ridiculous things and people into my life and I wouldn't have it any other way. I hope you enjoy my two blogs -or at least one of them :)
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