Spend more time focussing on the things that make you happy.

I have recently joined and created a Pinterest account.  I log on to the site and see pages and pages of beautiful things, these pages make me happy.  While there are the bizarre things, the ugly and the things that I don’t connect to I still smile. I smile because I am looking at people’s chance to express themselves.

I can view other people’s desires, their hopes, the things that motivate them and I too can create my own pages of beauty; of inspiration and love.

This has got me thinking to the way we live our lives, if you start each day looking at a page like this how can you start your day any way but happy?  If at the end of a crappy day, you look at the pages you have created – you glance at the things that inspire, that motivate, that capture your heart how can you go to sleep frustrated with the events of your day?

You don’t need a pinterest account to do this – make a list of things that make you happy, that inspire and motivate you and start and end your day reminding yourself of this.

Spend more time in your day focussing on the things that make you happy.


About Lou Schwarz

I am a traveller at heart.I dream about travel- of exploring the world and meeting new people. When I am not dreaming or travelling; I work in communications and media and I also teach body balance group fitness classes. I live my life trying to motivate and inspire people through fitness, doing one thing a week that scares me, and unleashing my creativity as frequently as I can. When I am not getting my zen on through teaching I am constantly attract ridiculous things and people into my life and I wouldn't have it any other way. I hope you enjoy my two blogs -or at least one of them :)
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